Travel blog full stack

In November 2016, due to my university, I spent my last semester abroad. I took this opportunity to rent my first dedicated machine from DigitalOcean to create a travel blog.

Without any web notion but strong with my Autoit programming experience, I choose the Python Django framework. Il allows me to generate personalized pages before sending it and to optimize the user experience. I implement functionalities for:

  • Generating light pages if the user has slow internet access (pictures)
  • Adding elements to the page according to the screen size
  • Personalizing the content according to the user (bot, random, friends …)

On the server side I encapsulate python with dependencies necessary for Django and I connect the project to a PostgreSQL database. I configure it in order to allow Gunicorn to transmit the web pages generated by Django to my Nginx proxy which only responds to secure requests with certificates provided by Certbot.

On the client side, the browser receives the website in HTML / CSS without any javascript file. The website is simple, light, and personalized.

Finally, I customize the administration interface provided by Django and I add a step of automatic photo processing when uploading to store several versions:

  • 1 original photo for full screen
  • 1 compressed photo for the gallery
  • 3 photos of different resolutions to generate 3 personalized pages


Creation of a personal blog on a dedicated server by taking charge of backend as and frontend.