Naturally curious and ambitious , I grew up in conjunction with the evolution of digital technology. Today, the issues of digital transformation and the arrival of AI are opening up unexpected opportunities for me.

In this ever-changing environment, I question myself daily and persevere in constant learning by contributing to exciting projects alongside inspiring people.

Maybe yours?

What I Do

System administration

System administration

Creation of physical, virtual, or containerized Unix systems. Program installation or compilation. System organization between users. Update and migration. Mailing.

Backend developer

Backend developer

Software creation for complex/recurring tasks or new features. Standardized, maintainable and scalable code, collaborative development, project handover, statistics.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Development of a simple multilayer artificial neural network. Mastery of the concepts of automatic and deep learning.

Computer vision

Computer vision

Video stream processing, filter application, visual element extraction. Use of optical recognition tools. Model creation and training with a defined artificial neural network.




1 year of experience - 5 years of education - 10 years of IT


2019 : Jun. - Sept.
Gfi's Fablab

DevOps within a team of 4 developers

  • Contribution to feasibility demonstration projects on innovation topics such as artificial intelligence, computer vision and chatbot. [video report]
  • Implementation of concrete and interactive examples of computer vision, and presentation to clients.
  • Co-creation of a MOOC on the subject of AI for 19,500 employees in 22 countries.
  • Creation of the Lyon fablab in 3D for virtual reality headset. [preview]
  • Publication of a plugin for Jetbrains software that generates a custom file header. [100+ downloads]
  • Interviewed by 42Lyon for the series Raconte-moi ton stage. [video]

2017 Oct. - Dec.
VonRoll Production

Tool controller and stand-alone software developer

  • Coordination of cutting tools used by 22 numerically controlled machines.
  • Development of a script that generates the machining sequence from the machine program. [description]
  • Improvement of the warehouse database and all tools that use it.

2014 - 2017 : 8 months

Telephone operator and stand-alone software developer

  • Research and organisation of transport solutions in France for English-speaking customers in distress.
  • Development of software that automates repetitive tasks for more than 120 operators on the platform.
  • Collection of web data by script to predict the rental vehicle fleet depending on tourist seasons. [description]



2017 - 2020
42Lyon 42Kyiv

42Network in Lyon (France) and Kyiv (Ukraine)

  • Disruptive pedagogy based on peer-to-peer learning. Collaboration with multicultural and international profiles.
  • C language by rewriting UNIX tools: libc, bash, printf, ls, etc... [42sh]
  • Python language with AI algorithms: perceptron, adaline, pathfinding, etc... [ft_sommelier]
  • Student of the first promotion 42Lyon, previously Le 101.
  • co-founder of the communications team who shares the 42 experience with visiting benefactors/patrons and public speaks at digital conferences, exhibitions and forums.
  • Participation in hackathons organized by SUEZ, SNCF, and FAUN.
  • Changed campuses for Unit Factory in Kyiv, Ukraine for 6 months.

2014 - 2017

Mechanical and product engineering

  • Mechanism design on paper and computer. [Exemple]
  • Manual machining and numerically controlled machine tools programming.
  • Last semester in Magnitogorsk, Russia.


Soft skills


Unix system

Agreed with paradigm, many experiences.

Windows system

Strong knowledge, masters the subtleties.

Github, Nginx, ssh

Daily use, familiar with documentation.


Checked resources on the web, several experiences / projects.

Azure, MongoDB, Unity, Photoshop

Basic use, followed by tutorial / documentation, group project.

Coding language


Agreed with paradigm, many experiences.

C, Bash

Strong knowledge, masters the subtleties.


Daily use, familiar with documentation.

Jupyter, PowerShell

Checked resources on the web, several experiences / projects.


Basic use, followed by tutorial / documentation, group project.

oral notions


written notions

permis B


question - remark - proposition

Lyon, France


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